2016 Canada Tour

Do you know that the Parliament Of Canada has the power to create all of the money necessary to meet our country’s legitimate needs for healthcare, education, the arts and infrastructure but stubbornly refuses to use that power?

Come and Hear THE HONOURABLE PAUL HELLYER (Former minister of national defense, and acting prime minister) Explain how the Canadian prosperity train came off the rails, and exactly how  to put it back on again.

Stop the Press!

Our government wants to ratify CETA.
That will be the kiss of death for any worthwhile banking reform that would make Canada prosperous again, and prevent us from using the Bank of Canada creatively as we did from 1939 to 1974 with such amazing success.

(CETA is both illegal and immoral because it unilaterally transfers power from parliament to international bankers and transnational corporations, and reverses a thousand years of progress in establishing government of by and for the people since the Magna Carta was signed).

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Montreal – To Be Announced
  • Ottawa Rally – To Be Announced

Past Canadian Tour Dates:

St. John’s: September 21, 6:30 PM – Bella Vista

Halifax:  September 23, 7:30 PM – Dalhousie’s Marion McCain Building

Fredericton: September 27, 7:00PM –  Wu Centre UNB Campus

Winnipeg: October 20, 7:00PM –  U of W Campus  Centennial Hall  (EG Hall-3rd Flr) – 515 Portage Ave

Edmonton: October 26, 7:00PM – Central Lions Recreation – 11113 113 Street

Victoria: October 287:00PM –  Camosun College  Lansdowne Campus  (Fisher 100) – 3100 Foul Bay Road

Vancouver: November 1 –  7:-00PM UBC Campus  (Buchanan A201) – 1866 Main Mall

Calgary: November 3rd, 7:00PM – John Dutton Theatre Library  –  616 Macleod Trail SE

Toronto: December 15, 7:30 PM – OISE Auditorium

For additional inquires regarding the tour, please email and we will try our best to respond to you promptly.


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