Liberals risk losing the public trust

Here’s yet another to add to the list of promises dodged, delayed or disregarded by the Liberal government.

Youth unemployment in this country is at 13 per cent. That’s almost double the national average. During the election campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promised to do away with employment insurance premiums for a 12-month period for employers who give permanent jobs to youth. This was a measure taken by the Jean Chrétien government in the 1990s. Mr. Trudeau recalled that it had a great effect. “That’s exactly what we need right now.”

Well, not exactly. In the budget, the program wasn’t there. Didn’t make the cut. Did it get overlooked? Did the Minister for Youth not make a strong enough case?

Not likely. The Minister for Youth is none other than Mr. Trudeau himself.

Promised outlays for youth employment got shortchanged in other areas of the budget as well. For a prime minister representing generational change, it’s odd, especially given the Liberals’ willingness to spend, spend, spend and to go into big, big and bigger deficits.

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